UK/Thailand: Molson Coors to distribute Singha beer

21 July, 2009

UK/Thailand: Molson Coors is now the exclusive distributor of Thai beer Singha.

Molson Coors UK will work in partnership with Boon Rawd Trading International (BRTI).

Singha will continue to be imported from Bangkok and the five-year trading agreement with BRTI will commence on July 27 2009.

5%abv Singha has been brewed in Thailand by Royal Permission since the first brewery opened in Bangkok in 1933. imports into the UK began in the 1970’s and the beer now has 95% distribution in Thai restaurants.

David Preston, director of marketing for portfolio brands and innovation at Molson Coors said: “For our customers its positioning as an authentic brand offers an opportunity to build their retail offer around high value, growing, Thai, Japanese and Asian Far Eastern food occasions as well as becoming part of a valuable ‘World Beer’ segment. 

“20% of the population eats ethnic food on a regular basis and has a high interest in authenticity.  The total “Ethnic cuisine” has a retail value estimated at over £1.3 billion in 2008, projected to increase to over £1.5 billion by 2013.”

The announcement follows the news that Molson Coors is now part of a joint venture with Cobra beer.