The Dubliner Irish Whiskey announces launch of Fiery Irish

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey has announced the launch of a new cinnamon and chilli flavoured whiskey liqueur variant.

The 30% abv liqueur will debut in Australia before rolling out to other markets including Ireland, the US, the UK, Global Travel Retail, and various European countries.

“After almost two years of limited socialising, people are so excited to finally be able to go ‘out out’ in 2022,” said Bronagh Hunt, global brand marketing director at Quintessential Brands, The Dubliner’s brand owner.

“With its unashamedly bold flavour, Dubliner Fiery Irish is ideal for kickstarting these nights out together.

“Whilst Dubliner Fiery Irish packs a punch with its bold flavour, as a whiskey liqueur, its lower abv makes it a more accessible taste for those who are new to whiskey.

As a brand that aims to broaden the appeal of Irish whiskey and bring something fresh to the category, we feel we’ve hit the mark with Dubliner Fiery Irish and we can’t wait to see how it goes down with the brand’s growing army of fans worldwide.”

Dubliner Fiery Irish is the second flavoured whiskey liqueur in the Dubliner range, joining Dubliner Whiskey & Honeycomb.