Old Mout launches limited edition cider glasses for WWF campaign

Old Mout is launching its biggest campaign yet to spread awareness of its partnership with WWF by introducing limited edition cider glasses.

The glasses will feature a QR code to take customers to the Old Mout website where they can learn about the WWF partnership and how to support the cause.

Rachel Holms, Heineken UK cider marketing director said: “Heineken UK is constantly looking for ways to create a positive future. Since 2019, Old Mout and WWF have been educating the world on the importance of reducing human impact on the environment.”

The campaign will run from 23 May to 31 July across TV and social channels with independent free trade customers receiving POS kits.

“The launch of our limited-edition WWF glassware across the on-trade will not only raise awareness of its vital partnership, but will also highlight the outlets that are stocking forward-thinking brands, such as Old Mout,” Holms added.

Old Mout has also announced the launch of its summer cocktail kits in the on-trade, containing recipes to share along with non-alcoholic kits available from June.