Prosecco DOC gains trademark protection In New Zealand

The European Union has reached a bi-lateral agreement with New Zealand which recognises the Prosecco DOC trademark.

The agreement has been reached just months after China agreed to officially recognise the Italian sparkling wine’s trademark.

“This decision can be considered as the result of a protection strategy that has always aimed at reinforcing the denomination’s perception not only in the consumers’ minds but also at a legal level,” explained Stefano Zanette, president of Prosecco DOC.

“A few months ago we were celebrating the registration of the trademark Prosecco in China, today we toast the recognition of the IG Prosecco in the bi-lateral agreement negotiated between the EU and New Zealand.”

The new agreement, which includes other trademarks like sherry and port, means that Kiwi traders must cease using prosecco on their products within the next five years.

During this period, traders in these products must clearly indicate the location of origin on their packaging.

“This protection is particularly significant, given the fact that a country so distant from us recognizes that we are a Denomination of Origin and it inhibits, after five years since the implementation of this agreement, the Australian Prosecco trading, which sees New Zealand as its number one destination in terms of export,” said Zanette.