Springbank named World's Most Admired Whisky 2022

Springbank has been named The World’s Most Admired Whisky brand in the second edition of the annual top 50 list released by Drinks International.

The Campbeltown-based distillery is owned by JA Mitchell & Co and produces some of the most exceptional single malt whiskies in the world.

The runner-up in the list is American whiskey brand Michter’s while last year’s champion Yamazaki completed the podium. The Most Admired Irish whiskey went to Redbreast for consecutive years.

“Launching this project has been a great way to see which brands around the world are best regarded by our trade,” said editor and founder Shay Waterworth. “The Drinks International Most Admired series is becoming one of the most influential within the industry and congratulations must go to Springbank for coming out on top – although to even feature in the list is a great achievement.”

Having initially launched in 2021, The World’s Most Admired Whiskies was established to determine the trade’s 50 most revered brands from across the planet.

To create the list, Drinks International formed a voting Academy of independent whisky experts from across the world to give their 10 most admired brands based in quality and consistency, price-to-quality ratio and the strength of branding and marketing.

Drinks International worked hard to ensure the Academy has a healthy balance of gender and international representation to give an accurate reflection of the global trade.

The full list is available here as well as further details on the methodology.