Bollinger announces team restructure to support Bicentenary plans

This year, following the departure of Gilles Descôtes, Champagne Bollinger has announced a new team structure that reflects the Maison’s history and values to strengthen its management team in preparation of the Bicentenary.

In 2022, Maison Bollinger announced the launch of its “Ambitious Plans for our Bicentenary Year”, to be celebrated in 2029.

These ‘Ambitious Plans’ include the renovation of a historic site with the creation of a cathedral like cellar open to the vines, the development of a unique oenotourism site and the launch of an environmental and societal charter. These projects are already underway and will be completed over the course of the next few years. 

The Maison is setting up a new, innovative team that aligns with its vision and is centred around three individuals, Denis Bunner, Gael Vuille and Benoît Pernod. 

Bunner is appointed chief wine maker and will sit at the head of the company’s Wine Committee, responsible for maintaining the quality of wines and managing the blending process. Bunner is a graduate of AgroParis Tech and ESSEC, was recruited by Gilles Descôtes in 2013 as assistant cellar master. 

Appointed vineyard and supply director, Vuille is a graduate agronomist from ENSA Montpellier and was recruited by Gilles Descôtes in 2008 as vineyard manager.

Pernod joined Champagne Bollinger in 2022 and is now director of operations, responsible for all production operations, and oversees the Bicentenary projects. Pernod graduated from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes d’Ingénieur as an engineer and has experience in the mineral industry, glass and, more recently, in an agricultural cooperative.

This new team is aligned with the vision and the work undertaken for 20 years by Gilles Descôtes.