Matugga ​​launches private cask ownership

Matugga Distillery has launched its private cask ownership programme, Pamoja, to the public, offering people the chance to tap into the emerging market of rum cask ownership.

A limited number of casks are available for an initial investment of £3,300 each, on a first come, first filled basis. The result will be circa 350 bottles of three-year-old rum per ex-Bourbon cask, produced using a 2,000-litre copper pot still by head distiller, Paul Rutasikwa.

Rutasikwa said: “This is an opportunity like no other to join us on a very special journey. Scotland has a little known and very deep rum heritage linked to the Age of Imperialism. Now, in 2023, we’re part of Scotland’s exciting new wave of rum distillers and there’s a real opportunity for us to create history and take Scottish rum worldwide.” 

Alongside his wife Jacine, Rutasikwa set-up the Livingston-based distillery in 2018, one of the first UK businesses to produce rums distilled from scratch. 

Rutasikwa added: “Most rums are aged in tropical countries. However, we have proved right here in Scotland that rum also ages brilliantly in cooler climates. Although it takes a bit longer, the end result is as delicious, mature and rounded as anything from the tropics. 

Matugga has been helped on its journey by a successful crowdfunding campaign, which in early 2022 secured the distillery in excess of £300,000. The six-figure sum has been put towards an eightfold increase in production capacity, while enabling the distillery to grow its team.

Register your interest and be added to the Pamoja Rum Cask Offer priority list here