Desi Daru Vodka launches

Desi Daru, a vodka brand that celebrates both India and Britain, has announced its official launch.

Owned by British-born Indians Mohit and Aneet Singh, Desi Daru uses ingredients from the jungles of Maharashtra to the English countryside. 

Mohit Singh, Desi Daru co-founder, said: "As British-born Indians, my co-founder Aneet and I wanted to create a vodka that celebrated the best of both worlds. The journey has been a labour of love, and we are thrilled to finally share Desi Daru with the world. The purity of the water and the quality of the Alphonso mangoes we use, distilled rather than infused, creates a full and smooth flavour. We believe Desi Daru is a reflection of us, and we are proud to share our heritage with the world through this unique spirit.” 

Desi Daru Original, the brand's flagship product, is distilled using English winter wheat and mineral water, distilled seven times. The brand will also be launching with its mango flavoured vodka, Alphonso.

Desi Daru is available to buy from Amazon for £35.