Spiral Cellars launches new wine storage system

Spiral Cellars, the UK purveyor of luxury wine storage, is launching a new wine storage system with its UnSpiral Cellar. 

Offering design flexibility that makes the product suited to a contemporary new build as well as a traditional, period property, the UnSpiral Cellar is composed of a range of 38 ready-made and interchangeable modular pieces, which can be arranged to create countless design configurations. 

Lucy Hargreaves, managing director at Spiral Cellars, said: “We couldn’t be more excited for the launch of UnSpiral Cellar, a revolutionary twist on our cellaring heritage that introduces a truly flexible means of creating your own wine storage in to an often rather inflexible category. 

“Our customers will have the option of taking complete charge of their UnSpiral Cellar design, from the size and configuration, to the final installation or they can let us do it for them – either way, it’s a true step towards the democratisation of in-home wine cellaring,” Hargreaves added. 

Made from the same limestone concrete that the company uses to produce their underground Spiral Cellars, the UnSpiral Cellar is suited to ambient storage, but can also be fitted with climate control.

Taking inspiration from the underground Spiral Cellar, it is the company’s single biggest launch since its debut 40 years ago.

Prices vary according to arrangement and number of components, starting from £5,000.