Verdant Spirits to enter liquidation

Scottish gin producer Verdant Spirits in the face of financial problems brought on by Brexit and the Covid pandemic.

The Dundee-based distiller was named sole supplier of gin to the House of Commons in 2019 and in 2017 Verdant Gin picked up the Gin of the Year award at the inaugural Scottish Gin Awards.

Speaking to The Courier, Verdant Spirits founder Andrew Mackenzie said: “We built up the business to be in good shape in 2019 and at that time we were seeking investment to take us up to the next level and expand. The visitor centre and gin school would have taken us to the next level.

“We were close to securing investment of around £250,000 and then along came Covid. We struggled through that period, mainly by switching to producing hand sanitiser, but that market dried up.”

Mackenzie revealed to The Courier that he personally stands to lose £200,000.

“It’s a sad day and of course losing £200,000 is something nobody wants to do," said Mackenzie. "It’s a real shame as we currently have £36,000 of unfulfilled orders. There will be an auction, probably at the distillery, of the equipment. Then that money will go towards paying creditors and the business will just be wound up.

“Debts are in the region of £25,000. I’ve spent the last six months going down every possible avenue to try to get this going. It’s a terrific product in a great site but we just don’t have the cash to get through. It will be a few weeks before the liquidation becomes firm so if anybody out there wants to get involved, please get in contact.”