Giffard launches alcohol-free range

Keeping up with the growing low/no-alcohol movement, Giffard has stepped up to the plate with its liqueurs.

Liqueurs and syrups producer Maison Giffard has launched an alcohol-free range, inspired by its liqueurs. The new portfolio offers four flavours – Elderflower, Grapefruit, Ginger, and Pineapple – with the aim to help bartenders improve their non-alcoholic offering.

Family member of the company and sales & brand development manager Emilie Giffard, says: “We wanted to answer the need for non-alcoholic, sophisticated cocktails, thinking about how to make them the Giffard way, and the team was inspired by how we create our liqueurs.”

The range was developed using the same fruits as the liqueurs. For example, the same grapefruit was used in both the non-alc and alcoholic liqueurs, but instead of macerating in the neutral alcohol, the fruits are macerated in vinegar for the non-alcoholic range. The vinegar gives it a “complexity and it’s really interesting as you have these fruit flavours with the vinegar at the end to evoke the feeling of the strength of alcohol”, Giffard adds.

Founded by Emile Giffard in 1885, and located in the Loire Valley, Angers, the company is still owned by Giffard’s descendants as the brand encourages consumers to move away from classic drinks, elevating them to cocktails with the addition of a liqueur.

To meet the growing demands of the low/ no category, Giffard has used its 138 years of knowledge in the maceration of fruits and plants to create the new range.

“We have a double process, so the acidity of the vinegar is a way to preserve, but we also use pasteurisation, and it’s thanks to this process that we can also guarantee quality. We create liqueurs, but are also a syrups producer and with two production facilities, we can use both of them in this product. I think it’s the only non-alcoholic product on the market like this, as it has a long life with no refrigeration needed,” Giffard continues.

Giffard’s alcohol-free range is now available to the UK market.