The Cocktail Report 2024 launches

Drinks International has launched The Cocktail Report 2024.

Available digitally today ahead of its print release, the annual magazine features the 2024 list of the bestselling classic cocktails at the world's best bars.

The report, which pivots on a poll of the world's best bars (a sample of venues chosen for their record in global awards), also delves into the bestselling spirits in the world's best bars.

There are analysis pieces too. Drinks International speaks to the creators of neo-classics about how these world famous recipes gain traction, while we have an analysis of the ups and downs of this year's classics list.  

Hamish Smith, editor of the Cocktail Report, said: "Though it's only the second year of this new-format Cocktail Report, it's our tenth year asking the world's best bars about the classic cocktails they serve, which gives some data-backed insight into how long term trends come about. 

"Classics, by their nature, are cocktails with real purchase and longevity, but they too are subject to trends. This year seven drinks made way in our list of 50, with two of those cocktails (the Paper Plane and Carajillo) replacing them being completely new to the list over its decade. 

"There too were some big risers - the Sidecar for example - and some speedily headed in the opposite direction - the Jungle Bird being one. The winner won't surprise many - it's the same as in the last two years - but you'll have to read the magazine to find out."