Earthquake in Chile

The UK director of Wines of Chile, the generic body representing the Chilean wine industry, has released a statement following the catastrophic earthquake in the country.

Michael Cox, UK director of Wines of Chile has released a statement following the catastrophic earthquake in the southern South American country.

He says: “The news from Chile over the weekend is alarming, shocking, and concerning. Although no stranger to seismic activity, Saturday’s massive earthquake has shaken but not broken Chile. Clearly there has been significant loss of life, especially in and around Chile’s second city Concepción, and considerable damage to buildings, roads, bridges and infrastructure. However, it is also evident that damage and fatality numbers have been greatly reduced by the many earthquake-resistant buildings that are a feature of modern Chile.

“On behalf of the British wine trade, Wines of Chile UK offers its heartfelt sympathy to all Chileans and wishes its many friends and colleagues a speedy return to normal life.

“The damage to Chile’s wine regions and winery infrastructure, but I have had contact with a number of friends in Chile who report that there is significant damage in the southern wine areas closest to the epicentre, notably Bío Bío, Cauquenes, and other parts of Maule, and Curicó. Even wineries as far north as Colchagua have been affected, with structural damage, road collapses, and power and communication problems.

“The UK trade as often as possible, but in the meantime, we send our best wishes, prayers, and thoughts to all those who are having to cope with the terrifying forces of Mother Nature.  In due course Wines of Chile will find a way to ensure that the UK wine trade can send funds to help families in need as Chile find its proud feet again.”