Stock launches 21 year old Czech whisky

Stock Spirits has launched a 21 year old  single malt Czech whisky. The company believes it to be the only Bohemian single malt in the world.

Hammer Head malt was distilled before the collapse of the Berlin wall and lay forgotten for 20 years until it was discovered by Stock after they purchased the distillery.

Stock CEO Chris Heath said: “It was discovered by accident, we bought the business not even knowing it was there.”

The product is called Hammer Head after a local nickname for the grain mill, which had a cast iron hammer. It will launch in World of Whiskies in Prague airport and UK airports this month and is to retail for £34.99.

When asked about stock levels, Heath said: “It’s not a tiny batch that we’re going to run out of this year.

“If it goes really, really well, we can use it for blending to prolong the life of it.”

The whisky is made from Czech water, barley and matured in Czech oak.

The distillery is in Pradlo, just outside Plzen.