Adnams opens spirits distillery

UK beer brewer Adnams has opened a small-scale distillery, producing vodka, gin and whisky.

The brewery, which is based in Southwold, Suffolk, believes it is the first in the UK to brew beer and distil spirits on the same premises.

Jonathan Adnams, chairman of Adnams, said: “Hand crafted spirits are the next exciting step in our journey and we are proud to add distilling to our expertise.

“Small scale distillation produces spirits of a quality and character that far surpass mass produced products.”

The Adnams range of gin comprises of Distilled Gin, made from malted barley and juniper berries, bottled at 40% abv; and First Rate Gin, made with a blend of wheat, barley, rye and juniper berries, bottled at 48%.

The vodka range includes Barley Vodka, which has been distilled in copper stills and has an abv of 40%; Longshore Premium Vodka, a mix of malted wheat, barley and rye with an abv of 48%; and North Cove Oak Aged Vodka, a 50% abv spirit matured in French oak barrels.

Whisky expressions will be released following a three-year maturation in oak casks.

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