€5m global Vinho Verde campaign unveiled

The Vinho Verde Wine Commission (CVRVV), in Portugal, has invested €5m on a three-year global promotion.

The campaign, which is partly financed by the EU and starts this month, is targeting the region’s main export markets, the US, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Norway and the UK.

According to the commission, Vinho Verde exports have reached a record €36 million and has been growing year on year since 2000.

The commission said: “The first three months of 2011, show that this escalation does not appear to be declining with a 10% global increase on 2010.”

A new Vinho Verde logo has been designed as part of the promotion, alongside a PR and advertising campaign and social media activity.

The commission said: ‘While Vinho Verde whites are already well known internationally and present in some 80 export markets, the CVRVV’s current promotional aim is to increase this even further and establish the wine as potential agers in some cases, and as wines for all seasons.

“The campaign also aims to expand awareness that Vinho Verde is about more than still whites:  Vinho Verde also produces vivacious sparkling, powerful reds and delicate rosé wines."

The UK campaign kicks off on July 12 with ‘the boys are back in town’ tasting, which focuses on 15 of the top Vinho Verde producers.

The session is between 10.00am to 4.00pm at the Sugar Quay in London and will include a seminar by Jamie Goode.