Accolade launches low alcohol wine

Accolade Wines has launched a low alcohol wine under the Stowells brand. Stowells Light is 5.5% abv and a 125ml glass contains one unit of alcohol and 56 calories.

The company said it had “invested heavily over the last 12 months in consumer research to look at the lighter drinking category, which is already growing by 83% year on year”.

Stephen Loftus, director of innovation for Accolade Wines, said: “It is important that as a socially responsible company, Accolade Wines can offer consumers a product that is light in calories and low in alcohol. But it is also crucial that we deliver on taste. Our research has shown there is significant demand from consumers for low alcohol and low calorie offerings from brands they know and trust. But they are not willing to compromise on taste. We believe that we have found a winning solution in Stowells Light and that it has the potential to help grow the low alcohol wine category from 1% of total UK wine sales to 10% within five years.”

Accolade has invested £500,000 in Stowells during 2011. The aim was to align the brand with its history as a wine merchant.

Stowells Light comes in red, white and rosé.