Nomacorc announces software to match closure to wine type

Nomacorc, the leading alternative wine closure producer, has announced the introduction of NomaSelector, which is software that recommends a closure tailored for a specific wine.

NomaSelector is said to provide a scientific approach to closure choice which allows wine producers to determine the optimum closure for their wines to age in the most consistent, fault-free manner, says Nomacorc. It is based on factors such as grape variety, region, winemaking style and desired shelf life.

Nomacorc says the breakthrough model was developed using conclusions from Nomacorc’s oxygen management research programmes at leading academic wine institutes around the world.

The impact of oxygen ingress through the closure on the development of wines was studied and it claims to have unravelled the complex role different winemaking practices and oxygen exposure regimes play in the optimal sensory expression of different varietals.

The NomaSelector is said to guides winemakers through a structured questionnaire on the grape variety and winemaking practices used, as well as the intended shelf life, storage and distribution for a wine. Using the data submitted, the model uses an algorithm to determine the best Nomacorc Select Series closure for a wine.