Beam rolls out Skinnygirl wine and flavoured vodka

US: Beam has expanded its Skinnygirl range to include wine, a range of flavoured vodkas and a Piña Colada.

Skinnygirl, The Wine Collection features a California white blend, red blend and a rosé. The wines are 100 calories per 5oz serving. Based on USDA’s National Nutrient Database Standard reference for wine, this is 15% lower than average. The wines will be rolled out in the US from May, with a recommended retail price of $14.99.

The flavoured vodka range is to include Bare Naked, Tangerine, Island Coconut and Cucumber. The company describes the vodkas as "vodka with natural flavours". According to USDA figures, the vodka contains 20% fewer calories than other vodka brands. The vodkas will also launch in May with an RRP of $21.99.

The Piña Colada is described as a "cream-free, low-calorie version of a drink that can hit over 800 calories and is typically only consumed on vacation." The Skinnygirl version is "under 100 calories per 4oz serving". The RRP is $14.99 and Piña Colada joins existing cocktails Margarita, Sangria and White Cranberry Cosmo.

Melanie Hellenga, director, Skinnygirl Cocktails said: “We are rolling out all of the innovations at once as we are committed to giving ladies everything they want and need to stock a low-calorie, guilt-free bar. We are excited to give more options to Skinnygirl fans around the world."

Skinnygirl Cocktails was the brainchild of US reality TV star Bethenny Frankel and it started with the
Skinnygirl Margarita. Beam acquired the brand in March 2011.