Guala screwcaps get the green light

Guala Closures has received recognition for off-setting CO2. 

Italian screwcap producer Guala Closures has achieved a 'Top' label from the certification body Ecocert Environnement for 500 million of its screwcaps in 2012.

The Top label is based on a set of 11 criteria including the offsetting of all CO2 emissions generated during production and delivery of screwcaps.  In 2012, the group claims it will offset 5,964 tonnes of CO2 via a reforestation project in Peru.

The project relates to Guala's Divinium, Wak and Roll-on TE brands produced at plants in Italy, Australia and New Zealand.  They represent almost 20% of the estimated 3.5 billion wine screwcaps produced in total around the world.

Guala Closures’ Anne Seznec said: “Acceptance of aluminium screwcaps as the heroes of wine quality is higher than ever at the moment but we are still criticised when it comes to green issues.  With the Top label we are demonstrating our real commitment to the environment - and it’s a great motivation for Guala Closures to optimise the environmental impact of our production: in fact, the more we reduce the CO2 emissions generated by our work, the less we pay for off-setting.”