US: Heaven Hill introduces wheat bourbon Larceny

Heaven Hill Distilleries has introduced Larceny, a super-premium wheat bourbon, to the US market.

The whiskey, which is aged between six to 12 years and carries an abv of 46%, is made in the style of Fitzgerald  bourbons, the franchise acquired by Heaven Hill in 1999.

Larceny will be available in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia, at an average retail price of $24.99 for 75cl.

According to Larry Kass, director of corporate communications for Heaven Hill Distilleries, Larceny is a small batch bourbon produced from ‘dumps‘ of 100 or fewer barrels that have been selected from the Heaven Hill warehouses in Nelson County, Kentucky.

Kass said: “The use of winter wheat replaces the spicier, fruitier flavour notes that rye provides with a softer, rounder character that is the hallmark of Old Fitzgerald and other 'wheated' bourbons such as Maker’s Mark and the Van Winkle line.”

 “Larceny’s high quality brand attributes will appeal to the brand’s primary target audience, 30 to 50-year old male consumers with refined taste and an appreciation for heritage and tradition.”

The packaging was designed by Saxco International in Pennsylvania, the US.

Larry Coomes, director of Midwest sales for Saxco International, said: “Our role was to help create a unique and beautifully balanced package design commensurate with this new spirits quality and superior taste while maintaining budgetary and time related requirements.”