New Zealand wine: A vintage vintage

Another variety creating some interest is Syrah. Cox, Maling and Nash draw attention to this Rhône variety which has done so well for the Barossa valley in Australia and is also creating a buzz in Chile with cool climate varieties.

Finally, the NZWG itself has undergone a strategic review by accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers. The upshot was that export countries were segmented into either ‘protect/mature’ markets or ‘growth’ markets. The UK, Ireland and Australia, NZ’s largest customers, fall into the former while Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands are deemed growth markets and therefore resources and focus is being switched to them.

Going forward Cox sees exhibitions such as ProWein and the Frankfurt Book Fair (the equivalent of the Chelsea flower Show in London – you don’t not have to be a keen gardener to attend) as key events for New Zealand wine to be seen at.

Overall, New Zealand and its wine are in a good place. Supply and demand are broadly in balance. NZ ‘owns’ Sauvignon Blanc, one of the most popular wines with mainstream consumers, and makes world class versions of one of the most sought after, Pinot Noir. The industry is broadly united and its wines command premium prices.

Surely, it can’t get much better than this?