Jameson whiskey distiller retires

Barry Crockett, master distiller of Jameson Irish whiskey is to retire in March, according to Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard. 

Crockett has spent 47 years at the distillery - 31 as master distiller. Brian Nation, who has been mentored by Barry Crockett for the last ten years, will take over the role of master distiller.

Crockett said: "Midleton Distillery may correctly be described as important in the industrial history of Ireland; it is unique in the context of Irish Distilling. Its success is a direct consequence of an ongoing openness to innovation and development. I am fortunate to have been part of the ongoing progress from an early age. The lessons learnt from so many committed people were vital in providing the foundation essential to an appreciation of the necessity to adopt ongoing technical advances."

Peter Morehead, Irish Distillers oroduction director, added: "The Crockett family has dominated Irish distilling for more than 70 years, so Barry's retirement truly marks the end of an era. We are really going to miss Barry - his passion for quality and his kind, gracious nature set him apart from the rest, as do his outstanding achievements. The success of Jameson, Midleton and the great whiskey brands it produces has not been a surprise to the people who know Barry and his high standards of excellence, so we are immensely grateful for everything he has done for Irish Distillers and of course the Irish Whiskey category.

We wish him all the very best in his retirement."

Crockett was born in the Distiller's cottage on the grounds of the Old Midleton Distillery. During his time as master distiller, he developed products including Midleton Very Rare the Single Pot Still whiskeys and his own Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy.