UK distiller launches cocktail gin

UK-based craft distiller Two Birds spirits has added a cocktail gin to its portfolio. Two Birds Cocktail Gin aims to deliver a stronger juniper profile but still at 40% abv. The launch is exclusively for the ontrade. 

Mark Gamble, who has an engineering background and built his copper still ‘Gerard’ from scratch said: “Being independent craft distillers, we have the flexibility to experiment with new products and different flavour profiles as well as alcohol levels. After discussions with friends working in the drinks industry we saw there was a gap in the market for a stronger gin but not at an over-proof level. So we set about to create the perfect gin for cocktails; using exactly the same botanicals used in our London Dry Gin but altering our distilling profile to bring out the individual flavours. We believe that the Two Birds Cocktail makes for a strong juniper-led London Dry style gin whilst still at a moderate 40% abv.”

The first maceration of the botanicals is cold and then the heat input is closely controlled in order to gently release essential oils in the ingredients.

Two Birds Cocktail Gin is available to buy directly from Two Birds, Union Distillers.