Australian wine industry hits the wall

Australia’s wine industry hit the wall in 2013, after 30 years of surging growth, according to the The Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory (WID).

The directory, the 32nd edition produced by the specialist wine industry publisher, Winetitles, lists 42 new wineries - and 41 closed down, were absorbed into another existing company or requested that their details are not listed.

The next gain of one winery left Australia with a total of 2,573.

In 2014 Victoria has the greatest number of wine producers with 773 listed, compared with 720 in South Australia, 484 in NSW/ACT, 117 in Tasmania, 100 in Queensland and 379 in Western Australia.

“Prior to this year the number of companies listed had been doubling every decade,’ said directory editor Michael Major.

“The 620 companies in 1990 had almost doubled by 2000 to (1,197) and in the next decade more than doubled to 2,420 in 2010,’ he said.

“While the rate of growth has slowed, in the past 10 years the Directory has seen an average net gain of 77 wine producers per year,” said Major.

The 602-page 2014 directory includes listings of wine producers, grape growers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, universities and education facilities, writers, wine publications, organisations, events and wine shows and industry personnel.

The WID is available from Winetitles for A$112.75 in Australia/New Zealand and A$135.00 overseas. (All prices include postage and include a subscription to the online search engine). Purchasers of the WID also receive access to the WID Online, via Winetitles website (