Pisco power

Back at home the domestic market of five million cases is very competitive.  “We are continuously innovating and improving in order to be more competitive and deliver world-class products,” says Marcos. “We are now focusing on higher value-added products from selected grapes and different processes that result in high-end products, which definitely will be welcomed by the international market.”

Legislative changes

As president Michelle Bachelet is settling into her second term, rumours abound of legislative changes that could affect the alcoholic beverages industry. 

“Pisco is part of our daily life and Chileans will continue celebrating with Capel or Alto del Carmen in spite of any tax increase,” says Marcos. “But in a scenario of potential tax increases in Chile, consumers may drink a little less, which strengthens our ambition of conquering international markets.”

For the first time though, Chilean Pisco must now be looking at Peruvian Pisco as a serious competitor in international markets. For a category that is split to its very core, we might expect fireworks. But here’s Capel’s Marcos with some unifying words – a rare thing indeed in the world of Pisco. “Today, efforts should focus on raising awareness of the Pisco category worldwide and the next step will be positioning brands. Consumers will have the last word regarding which Pisco they will prefer.” 

Bravo to that.