Prosecco beats champagne for value

52% of prosecco drinkers in the UK regard the Italian fizz as ‘very good value for money’, more than twice the figure for champagne, according to a new report from Wine Intelligence.

One in ten champagne drinkers regard it as ‘poor value for money’, compared to just one in 100 for prosecco.

Richard Halstead, chief operating officer of Wine Intelligence, said: “It’s no secret that prosecco has captured the imagination of sparkling wine drinkers in the UK but this report fills the gaps to help us understand why.

“Prosecco has managed to hit the perfect balance, offering a perception of quality and value for money without being perceived as too cheap, an image problem that has befallen some other sparkling wine types.”

In terms of quality, 67% of consumers regarded prosecco as being high quality, on par with rosé champagne, but behind champagne on 81%. 

The report says one in three sparkling wine consumers drink prosecco at least once a month, compared with just 23% who drink Cava and 16% of champagne fans.