Parting shot

“The popularity of sambuca as a shot means that it is now a must-stock rather than a ‘nice-to-have’ in bars, which is a big shift in a relatively short time.”

As the cocktail market continues to mature around the world, it will be interesting to see categories such as sambuca evolve – it can be much more than just a parting shot. 

How to mix sambuca, according to Molinari champion Sabrine Dhaliwal

“Shots are the first introduction many people have to sambuca. As cocktail culture is growing globally, people are more open to trying new things and combinations. It is often served neat, usually on the side of coffee at the end of a meal. 

“Sambuca has a very dominant anise flavour, which is something many people are gravitating towards with classic cocktails continuing their rise. 

“The texture of sambuca is more challenging – it  has a high viscosity so it’s important to balance the cocktail to ensure it has great texture and mouthfeel without being overwhelming.  

“I like to pair it with gin since it’s a spirit that has many similar flavours (anise, liquorice, different herbs etc) so they complement each other well.”