South African winemaking is as vibrant as any, says Kleine Zalze

Kleine Zalze said the South African winemaking industry is “as vibrant as any” and the “sky is the limit” in terms of quality. 

The South African wine estate said the recent harvest was a very good one and while volumes might be down, quality will not be compromised.

Owner and managing director Kobus Basson told DI: “South Africa generally speaking is at quite an exciting stage right now. We have a lot of positives at the moment and there is no ceiling in terms of quality.

“There are always a lot of challenges. In South Africa we have our specific ones. The main challenge for South Africa is to move in terms of price and segment to move solidly upwards – to move to the upper segment of the market.”

Kleine Zalze is available in 25 markets and Basson said it is moving to higher tiers in some.

He added: “I don’t think anything will happen suddenly in our markets. It will be a gradual revolution. It wouldn’t help us to think it will happen over night.

“We believe things are on the right track and we may even drop a bit at the bottom segment. South Africa can’t grow exponentially and we don’t have volumes to sell the most but that is why it is about refinement for us.”