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Described as the perfect balance between sweet, bitter and blood orange peels, Cointreau Blood Orange is said to be like tasting a ripe fruit, both tangy and rich in aromas.

To create Cointreau Blood Orange, La Maison Cointreau selects blood oranges of the most intensely aromatic character and distills their peels along with those of the signature sweet and bitter orange of Cointreau.

A combination of Mediterranean climate and the rugged Corsican soil gives the blood orange its vitality, intense aromas and exquisite taste. The blood oranges are harvested once a year between February and March when their peels contain high concentrations of the essential oils that are then captured by distillation.

Cointreau Blood Orange is described as having a fresh, slightly tangy and crisp taste, offering a bouquet of fruit head aromas that open to reveal more discreet zesty citrus notes.

The interplay of the orange varieties also “creates a profoundly rewarding complexity of taste”.