Beer Hawk targets UK home brewing market

The UK’s leading online retailer of craft and speciality beer, Beer Hawk has expanded its homebrew range catering to the demand of the growing homebrew market.

Beer Hawk will sell products of Northern Brewer, the largest supplier of homebrew equipment in America which offers more than 22 years of homebrew expertise and innovation to homebrewers across the UK.

Mark Roberts, co-founder of Beer Hawk said: “Homebrew is something we have been wanting to introduce to Beer Hawk for some time now.

“But we had to make sure we could offer our customers the best possible tools and ingredients, which is why we are delighted to be working exclusively with Northern Brewer.”

Northern Brewer’s portfolio of equipment and high quality ingredients offers homebrewers everything needed to brew beer at home. 

Roberts added: “Expanding our new homebrew range was a natural progression for Beer Hawk, we love great beer and we know our customers love great beer too so, we would like to aid their journey of brewing great beer at home.

“Since the craft beer revolution, people’s attitude towards beer has completely changed and we have found that people are more likely to try more adventurous beers; sparking curiosity into the brewing process and how brewers create such interesting styles.”