Cockspur is sold to Woodland Radicle

The Barbados rum brand Cockspur has been sold to Woodland Radicle, a company that specializes in brand creation and brand.

The company says Cockspur’s future will include the “upgrading of packaging and the introduction of new unique branded products to provide multinational consumers with greater choice”.

For Woodland Radicle, CEO and co-founder Steve Wilson, the Cockspur brand, whose logo is a big rooster, has the quality necessary to take on the world. He declined to say how much Woodland Radicle paid for Cockspur,

“Our strategy is to raise the profile of Cockspur,” said Wilson, who is said to have spent 15 years as the global head of innovation at Diageo and was associated with a number of major brands including Bailey’s Irish Cream, Malibu, Ciroc Vodka, and Smirnoff Ice.

“Our strategy is focused on growth. That is why we emphasise our intention will be to return Cockspur to greatness in Barbados as well as expand exports into more markets,” Wilson added. He also assured that the great taste of the Cockspur brands will not change as they will continue to be produced and bottled in Barbados.

The major change as a result of the sale of the Cockspur brands will be in administration and marketing, says the company. Cockspur’s headquarters will now be at Woodland Radicle’s corporate base in St George, Barbados. From there, a network of distributors will aggressively market the brand globally, while former producer, Hanschell Inniss will continue to distribute the brand locally.

Woodland Radicle chief, Wilson, predicts that rebuilding the Cockspur brand and taking it global would help them achieve his quest to become the number one brand building company in the beverage and alcohol industry within the next five years. The company created the spiced tequila brand, Xilli.