BrewDog ready for US takeover

Scottish brewing ginat BrewDog, has appointed Tanisha Robinson as managing director of its US branch ahead of the launch of its 100,000 square foot brewery in Columbus, Ohio.

Robinson will be responsible for establishing the BrewDog brand, sales strategy, operational growth, and developing its US bar division.

The brand is also set to release its first US-brewed beers to on and off-trade markets from 10 July and has plans to open two more bars in Columbus in 2017.

Robinson said: “Our biggest priority right now is getting our beer into people’s hands. Luckily, that will start this week.

“We’re focused on making great beers, telling our story to the US in a very BrewDog way, being the greatest place to work in the world, and creating awesome experiences for our customers and the Equity Punk community.”

The Brewer’s Association has anticipated the craft beer market will account for 20% of the total beer market in America by 2020 and BrewDog claims its new brewery in Ohio, launching in August this year, is one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly breweries in the world.

The brewery was part funded by BrewDog’s crowdfunding programme, Equity for Punks, which has raised more than £40million globally.

Robinson added: “Because there are so many craft breweries in America, it’s really forcing everyone in the industry to fixate on creativity and quality.

“This means that there’s a lot of really amazing, interesting beers coming out, and this expanded range means a lot of people that aren’t into craft beer will definitely find something they love.”