Stocked launches wine into digital era

A new software has been developed for wine professionals to track the production process in real time, increasing the efficiency of large producers.

Stocked is a cloud-based software which tracks the production of wine through every stage and is accessible from multiple digital platforms in different locations.

Stocked allows drinks professionals to efficiently move inventory into and out of the supply chain, add products, locations and customers via QR codes.

Co-founder Simon Cole, said: “We aimed to create a fully-customisable solution for the wine industry that would bring it into the digital age and seamlessly blend with ancient methods and traditions.

“Our staff have spent a great deal of time getting to know every detail of the wine industry, and have worked in partnership with our clients to create a truly specialised product.”

At present, more than two million bottles of wine have been distilled by wineries using Stocked, which was developed by London-based Molewood Consulting.  

Stocked can be customised to suit the individual needs of each client, and an in-house team is on hand to help guide clients through the process.