St-Rémy releases new packaging

St-Rémy has released new packaging for its XO and VSOP ranges to ‘reinforce its quality leadership’.

The Rémy Cointreau-owned French brandy has brought back its ‘walking lion’ symbol as part of the new design and its website has also been relaunched.

“The new designs in 2018 of the VSOP and XO support the St- Rémy strategy to continue to create value within the brandy market,” said Jean-Denis Voin, CEO liqueurs & spirits division at Rémy Cointreau.

“This major design uplift aims to reinforce St-Rémy’s quality leadership and shelf standout, and moreover the opportunity to implement a full brand relaunch.”

St-Rémy is made entirely from French grapes and is available in more than 40 countries worldwide. Canada is its largest international market, selling 230,000 cases per year, while travel retail is second.

The US is St-Rémy’s third largest international market and it is also the most imported French brandy into the US.

Hervé Buzon, global brand director, said: “The VSOP sells more than the XO largely because it’s cheaper and although it’s mainly sold in the off trade, we’re pushing the products in the on trade too, because they go well with many cocktails.

“The biggest issue for French brandy as a category is that it is so diverse. It does not have any strict regulations which means that many things can fall under the category.

“Our big challenge now is to educate consumers and bartenders on our products.”

St-Rémy’s sixth master blender, Cécile Roudaut, added: “Both of the expressions are grown, produced and aged in France. I’m proud of what we’ve created.

“The two products have very different profiles, but they are versatile and can be enjoyed in different ways.”

According to Buzon, St-Rémy is the number one French brandy in the world, with an 18% market share and the new packaging is now available in its international markets.