Estrella sales rise through The Luna Cinema

Estrella Damm’s partnership with The Luna Cinema has contributed to the increased UK sales of the Catalan beer brand according to Alison Cole, UK consumer brand manager.

In 2017 Estrella signed a three-year deal with The Luna Cinema to be the sole beer sponsor at all of its screenings, which this year accumulated to 180 throughout the UK.

“We think that our partnership with Luna is a fantastic way for us to tap into the mid 20-30s market for both males and females because not only do they like experiences but good quality beer too,” said Cole.

The Luna Cinema is the UK’s leading producer of open-air cinema events and specialises in showing ‘classic films’.

According to Cole there was a 34% increase in attendance and a 40% rise in beer sales at the screenings in 2018, reaching a total of 180,000 people.

“It’s impossible to go and not notice Estrella at a screening. Our own brand feature film starring Peter Dinklage is also shown before any show.”

According to Cole the UK is the biggest market for Estrella outside of Barcelona and over the past year sales in the UK off trade have increased 113% and on trade 32%.

“Sales are increasing every month and it’s really exciting,” added Cole. 

“We’re now the fourth biggest off trade beer in the UK, which is fantastic because there is a lot of competition in the same space and that makes it difficult to differentiate from other brands.”