Camus cognac arrives in Barbados

The House of Camus has announced the arrival of its Caribbean Expedition in Barbados after a month and a half’s voyage.

The goal of this project is to mature cognac on the ocean and in the tropics, with 10 barrels sitting on board the De Gallant ship from the port of La Rochelle on November 23 to the Caribbean.

The cognac, now in Barbados, will now be overseen by Richard Seale - director at Foursquare Rum Distillery and the barrels will begin a year of tropical maturation in open-sided cellars.

Seale said: "Of course, patience is paramount in our profession, but I can’t wait to taste the result in a year and a half’s time." 

This experiment - maturation at sea and under the tropics - is a first in the world of cognac. Some samples of this Camus cognac have been kept from before the ship set sail and on its arrival in Bridgetown, Barbados. 

Others will be taken throughout the entire tropical maturation process, in order to make a comparative tasting when the adventure comes to an end.