Co-op and Taylor's fund reforestation project

Co-op and Taylor’s have joined forces to fund a reforestation project in the Douro Valley through the sales of port this Christmas.

Nearly four football pitches worth of trees are expected to be funded by Co-op through sales of Taylor’s Select Reserve Port during the festive period.

Co-op sells two thirds of all of its port during Christmas and sales are expected to fund the planting of 2,500 trees.

Co-op wine buyer, Sarah Benson, said: “We’re thrilled to be exclusively supporting Taylor’s on this important project through the sales of this brilliant Port, which will help bring new life to the Douro Valley.”

Taylor’s managing director, Adrian Bridge, said: “As custodians of the unique environment and landscape of the Douro Valley, we understand the importance of extending our environmental initiatives beyond the vineyard itself.

“Our sustainable vineyard model recognises the importance of interspersing areas of vine with natural vegetation and woodland to protect natural diversity and resilience.”