Laine Brew Company launches diversity scheme

Laine Brew Company has launched a new brewing apprenticeship scheme aimed at attracting brewers from diverse backgrounds.

Laine Brew Company is an independent pub and brewing business with more than 60 bars and brewpubs across the UK.

“We want to encourage those from diverse ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds to consider a career in brewing,” said brewing director Jack Hibberd.

“To do this we have decided to launch the One for All Festival where individuals from underrepresented groups will discuss what more needs to be done to help the brewing industry become more inclusive.”

The Laine Brew Company Apprenticeship Scheme is provided by the Hospitality Industry Training Brewer scheme in conjunction with the University of Nottingham’s International Centre for Brewing Science.

Hibberd added: “As part of this festival we will be introducing our first best-in-class apprenticeship programme in conjunction with the Hospitality Industry Training and University of Nottingham’s International Centre for Brewing Science that will aim to start transforming the make-up of our brewing team.” 

Laine is offering one apprenticeship each year, the first of which will begin in May 2020, based in either London or Brighton for approximately 18 months. 

Applications close December 23 and can be made on the website: