Buchan and Mclellan to open late-night Edinburgh bar

Edinburgh hospitality figures Sian Buchan and John Mclellan will open their debut bar in early February – Uno Mas Bar, Drinks International can exclusively reveal.

Buchan, the ex-Panda & Sons joint-GM, and Mclellan, an operator and DJ, have teamed up with bar investor Barrie Brown to open the new music-led, late-night spot in the Scottish capital.

Buchan told DI: “The concept is good drinks and good music. We’ve got a 3am licence and a stage so there will be DJs and 3-4-piece live bands. It’ll be a high-volume kind of place aimed at the 25-plus market."

Having spent more than three years at Panda & Sons – on top of experience at other notable Scottish bars – Buchan will integrate a cocktail element into the late-night bar. “Because it’s a volume bar, the drinks will be clean, fresh and easy – Satan’s Whiskers style,” she says. “We want our cocktails to be consistently good at any time of the night. They will be classics, obscure classics and twists on classics.”

The site itself – on Picardy Place – was formerly a nightclub. “The venue we’ve taken was the old ‘GHQ’ nightclub. It’s on the very east side of the Queen Street/York Place area of town, close to the Theatre and the Omni Centre. It’d been sitting empty for a long time. It’s a 400-500 people site, which Barrie is splitting into three smaller venues."

Décor wise, Buchan says Uno Mas will be decked out in wood and will have a “dark and cosy” feel.

The bar’s name is taken from the Spanish for ‘one more’. “Uno Mas has always been mine and John’s saying when we’d go out – one more drink, one more song...” Buchan told DI. “Since it’s going to be a late bar, it made sense to name it Uno Mas.”   

Uno Mas will open seven days a week from 5pm-3am. Follow developments on Instagram @unomasbar and on Facebook at Uno Mas Bar.