Brewdog launches Inugami Shochu brand in UK

Brewdog Distilling has launched its own shochu brand called Inugami Shochu which will be available in the UK through the company’s Brewdog bars.

Brewdog has played on the idea that it is seeking revenge for the Japanese stealing the secrets of Scottish whisky distilleries 100 years ago in a playful marketing launch and says the company is “fighting back” for Scotland.

The name Inugami comes from the vengeful dog spirits found in Japanese folklore and Brewdog says the target audience is younger consumers.

Inugami Shochu is made from malted wheat, barley and rice with added molasses and “laced” with rhubarb, galangal root and ginger.

The shochu has an RRP of £27 for a 700ml bottle and the recommended serve is in a Highball. It carries a 23% abv and will be available on the Brewdog website and in all UK bars from 27 March 2020.