Brands expert encourages on-trade support through COVID-19

Denomination strategy director Mariella Menato believes looking after members of the on-trade is an important step for brands to take during the Coronavirus crisis.

Menato also put a focus on understanding the needs of the growing number of people working from home in order to grow a brand’s off trade success.

“With the growing uncertainty and disruption being felt across global markets, there is increasingly little that a brand can do to stimulate their on-trade performance, without risking being seen to undermine the advice of the World Health Organisation,” said Menato.

“Appealing to our sense of community, with a desire to support those independent producers, bar-owners and bartenders facing real economic strife, is an authentic approach, but it’s a line we must tread with care and caution.

“In every action we take as an industry, we must be sure that we are putting people (our team-members, our communities and, ultimately, our consumers) first. There will be inevitable short-term struggles, but the values we demonstrate when challenged will be remembered after the storm passes – for better or worse.

“If your brand is struggling in the on-trade, you need to double down on your off-trade focus and capitalise on the access that digital platforms give you to the growing number of consumers who are staying at home.

“Ultimately, you need a clear understanding of your consumers’ worlds, where you fit into them and how you can make them better. Communicating that value with an engaging personality that maintains a relevant dialogue, plus having distinctive visual equities that drive recognition across often-restrictive media applications, can keep you a step ahead.”