Kavalan launches entry level range

Taiwanese distillery Kavalan has launched a new entry-level range of whisky called The Distillery Select Series.

CEO YT Lee said the Distillery Select Series has been designed to satisfy both beginners and connoisseurs.

“In this range, drinkers will get all the benefit of our team’s fine craftsmanship at a surprising price point,” said Lee. “We are doing things a little differently. We’re pursuing the flavour profile first, rather than a particular cask.”

“For our first whisky, we emphasise tropical fruits and for the second whisky, floral and herbal notes. Each whisky in this range showcases different facets of Kavalan’s distinct character.”

The whiskies are aged in refill casks and the range takes its name from the distillery’s inaugural whisky, now known as Distillery Select No. 1.

No.1 has been repackaged while the recipe of the original whisky has not been altered.