Molinari vermouth celebrates 75th anniversary with new bottle design

Italian vermouth brand Molinari has launched a limited edition bottle design to mark its 75th anniversary.

The bottle, which has been designed by illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli, has a contemporary style with a nod to the past and traditional Italian advertising.

“Choosing Olimpia for this special occasion was easy, because she totally represents the values of our brand with a vibrant Italian pedigree and what is an increasingly international, pop, and iconic image that we happily celebrate every day with our work,” said Antonio Fatini, executive creative director of KleinRusso.

The Limited Edition is being distributed through large-scale retail trade, while the Molinari e-shop will also host a special edition pack that includes two glasses.

“We wanted to celebrate this important moment for our company by entrusting our iconic bottle to Olimpia, who interpreted it with her equally iconic style. For us this represents a way of commemorating our anniversary together with our consumers,” added Anna Ballirano, Molinari marketing manager.