Brands Report 2021: Cachaça

Cachaça is a category seemingly always on the verge but never really catching on. That said, it has presence in top bars.

Our poll says three quarters stock one brand, over a half have two and three or more are found in a third of bars. The market is wide open, with volume brands competing with a younger generation of super-premium and craft producers for accounts.

Our list has seen varied champions, and this year it was small-batch craft brand Yaguara that took the largest share of our bestselling and trending polls. Its distinctive blue bottle was the most likely reached for in 23% of bars polled, while it was a top-three in a third. Bacardi’s Leblon, a former leader of this list, was the house in 17% of cases and among the bestselling three in just under a third.

Volume giant Cachaça 51 – last year’s winner – was third, losing out on house pour (10%), our survey says, but a fixture in 22%. Gruppo Campari’s Sagatiba, like Leblon among the first wave of premium cachaças, shared similar popularity, while the organic Abelha – a top-three brand in 18% of bars polled – is a modern cra­ft cachaça anchored in rural Brazilian provenance.



The results of this report are the culmination of a questionnaire of 106 bars around the world, each cherry-picked to take part based on their performance in global bar awards. We aim to find out not only which brands sell best but also what’s trending. These two data sets give us an insight into the brands that are doing the most volume and the brands that are hot right now.

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