Guinness launches innovative dispense solution for smaller bars

Guinness has unveiled a new technology called “MicroDraught” that allows bars and restaurants to sell the popular stout without having to order whole kegs.

It will deliver unique cans of Guinness to on-trade venues, and bartenders can then slot these cans into the Guinness MicroDraught unit.

A sensor only allows the unit to pour at the correct temperature and an LCD screen guides the bartender to deliver a smooth serve.

Brand owner Diageo hopes it will allow smaller venues around the world to serve perfect pints of Guinness, without having to invest in kegs, beer lines or cooling systems.

It called MicroDraught “the biggest dispense innovation from Guinness since the launch of the widget 30 years ago”. 

Guinness MicroDraught will be trialled in Fridays restaurants in Great Britain from June, in venues in Ireland from July and fully launched in Korea in July. Further trials in the United States, China, Hong Kong, Germany and Russia will follow later this year. 

Grainne Wafer, global brand director, said “Guinness is enjoyed the world over and globally renowned for pushing boundaries in technology.  Guinness MicroDraught is the next step in this journey and today’s launch means that Guinness will be available in over 12,000 more outlets for millions more consumers to enjoy.”

The MicroDraught uses a patent-pending double coaxial piercing of the can. There is an air pump – as opposed to the gas cylinder used in the traditional system – which pushes the liquid out of the can and through the standard Guinness Draught spout.

Steve Gilsenan, global head of quality, Guinness, said: “Guinness MicroDraught is a significant dispense innovation and enables us to continue Guinness’ upmost commitment to quality around the globe. It ensures the iconic Guinness pour and ideal temperature is guaranteed every time - meaning that only the best, freshest Guinness is served wherever you choose to enjoy it – from London to Seoul.”