Whisky Hammer agrees investment deal with Rare Whisky Holdings

Scottish whisky auction firm, Whisky Hammer, and sister company Still Spirit has sold a 49% stake of the business to the Hong Kong investment group, Rare Whisky Holdings.

“This is a very exciting time for our business,” said Daniel Milne, managing director of Whisky Hammer and Still Spirit

“The transaction signifies an important bond with our new Asian partner that will rapidly bring the group to the next phase of growth, and we are incredibly excited about what lies ahead. In addition, we are delighted to have generated a substantial return for our crowdfunding investors that helped us build the business to where it is today.”

Whisky Hammer was founded in 2016 by brothers Daniel and Craig Milne, in 2019 the pair raised more than £130,000 through a crowdfunding campaign. This deal will deliver a 2.6 times return on the original backers’ investments.

Rare Whisky Holdings, the same management team behind Platinum Whisky Investment Fund, owns Glenor Cask Company, which holds a thousand casks of maturing single malt, blended and grain whiskies.

The new partnership will see Whisky Hammer gain exclusive access to a range of cask whiskies from the various holdings.

“Our investment group is proud to join the Milne family business and help with their expansion to Asia, where the demand for whisky continues to grow at a rapid pace,” said Rickesh Kishnani, co-founder of Rare Whisky Holdings.

“We are also excited to use this new partnership to provide Whisky Hammer and Still Spirit members with exclusive access to our collection of aged casks.”