Icelandic beer brand Eico launches in UK

Icelandic beer brand Eico has launched in the UK which is made with water from glacial melt.

Eico uses water from a combination of springs and glacier melt from the mountains near the Arctic north coast of Iceland while the hops are sourced from the Hallertau region of Bavaria in southern Germany.

“You cannot replicate the unique Icelandic water which is over 90% of Eicó beer. The aim is celebrate the best ingredients not substitute them.

“Eicó beer is aimed at discerning beer drinkers, hence the craft beer price point, who are more interested in quality rather than quantity.”

The barley used for brewing eico is produced by farmers in Scandinavia to utilise the unusual flavours created by the harsh winters, short growing season and 24h summer sunlight.

The beer uses yeast strain W34/70 from Weihenstephan, Bavaria and the Icelandic brewery is run from power generated by 100% renewable energy.

Eico (5.6% abv) has an RRP of £23.00 per six 330ml.