Edrington UK to host trade events series for London Cocktail Week

Edrington UK has announced a series of workshops and events for the London trade as part of October’s London Cocktail Week.

The workshops and events have been designed specifically for the bar and hospitality industry with Edrington UK hosting training sessions and insights from industry experts across the month.

The series will include Tending to Tenders at Lyaness, a partnership with the bar to create a community space that is free to trade and focuses on great food and cocktails, wellness, and mental health.

Laphroaig at The Gibson, where whisky specialist David Miles will host whisky tastings every Tuesday of October alongside Marian Beke. The pair will talk guests through Laphroaig drams and cocktails paired with tropical fruits for an intense and interesting tasting experience.

Tayēr + Elementary will be joined by Maker’s Mark for a series of unique trade workshops every Wednesday throughout October. The series will begin with an introduction to the rotary evaporator and a workshop focussing on achieving delicate flavour profiles and aromas. The second session will focus on reducing waste through fixing and upcycling glassware. The third session will explore bar economics from costing to pricing strategy and bar finances, and the final session will offer an introduction to fermentation.

London Cocktail Week is running from Friday 1 – Sunday 31 October. For more information or tickets, visit londoncocktailweek.com.