Lakedown Brewing Co. launches taproom on Roger Daltrey’s trout farm

Lakedown Brewing Co. has launched a microbrewery and taproom at Roger Daltrey’s Lakedown trout fishery. 

The family-run, independent brewery was founded by Daltrey’s son, Jamie Daltrey, and two sons-in-law, Christopher Rule and Des Murphy.

“Our inspiration was Lakedown, our family farm in East Sussex, a traditional hop growing area of the country, where we would often enjoy a post-work pint together,” said founders Jamie Daltrey, Rule, and Murphy.

“Lakedown Brewing Co. offers a range of modern and traditional beers in can, bottle, keg and cask.” 

The six beers varieties that the brewery has launched are all vegan with the Pilsner, English Pale, Pale Ale, and Best Bitter also gluten-free.

“They have turned me into a beer drinking convert because their beers are so easy-drinking,” said Roger Daltrey.

“Lakedown in East Sussex has been a passion of mine since I designed it in the 1980s, as a rural sanctuary away from the mania of touring.”

The Lakedown Brewing Co. range is available nationwide via